Ask The Plumbig Experts! Temperature & Pressure Relief Valves

Q: I've noticed a little water on the floor around my water heater sometimes - it seems to come and go. Any ideas why this might be?

Ask the Plumbing Experts! Poly-b Water Pipes Replacement

Q: I have heard that it would be smart to get my poly-b water pipes replaced. Is that true?

A: Insurance companies are beginning to refuse to renew insurance for houses with poly-b water pipes, so it is a looming problem. Generally speaking the issue is more to do with the fittings than the pipe, especially if you have grey plastic fittings, and particularly on the hot side of the system.

Ask the Plumbing Experts! Sub-Flooring & Wax Rings Under Toilet.

Q:  I am adding a new sub-floor in my bathroom. Is it okay to stack two wax rings together to make up the difference under the toilet?

A:  We see the negative results of this action all the time, and it usually leads to big problems! The answer is, "never!" The proper thing to do is to raise the floor flange, which is best done by a professional plumber. The tolerance for the height of the top of a flange ranges from flush with the floor to 1/2" proud, but then it is essential to choose the correct wax ring accordingly, of which there are 3 variations to choose from.

Q&A: Plastic vs Braided Risers

Q: Is there any advantage in replacing my plastic faucet risers (the hot / cold supply lines) with the newer braided steel type?

A: In our view there is a significant advantage. The plastic ones might be okay if they were installed by an experienced plumber, but they are prone to blowing off at the lower end or cracking in some circumstances. This can result in an expensive and inconvenient water damage insurance claims.

Same Great Company, Brand New Name

We are changing our name! We were having issues with copy cats using names that are confusingly similar to ours. As a result we decided to change our name and seek trademark protection for it.


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