Q&A: Preparing for Vacation

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Q: We are heading out on vacation soon. Are there any valves that we should turn off while we are away?

A: It is recommended that you turn off your main water shut off while away, however this may cut the water off to an outside irrigation system if you have it. If turning off the main water supply is not an option, turn off the shut off valve to your water heater and the shut off valves to your clothes washer as these items are some of the most likely to burst while you're away. At HomeWise Plumbing, we offer life-time warranty burst-proof water heaters, 'Floodstop' shut off valves that close automatically when they detect a leak, which are great if you forget to turn these items off before leaving. If you need help to get things turned off or on, visit our website where you will find a diagram, or call our office to speak with a plumber - we're always happy to help.