At HomeWise Plumbing, we applaud people who are resourceful, and who do what they can themselves in the area of building maintenance; however, when it comes to water issues, a tremendous amount of damage can occur from the simplest of faults. For instance, one customer had their son install a new bathroom faucet for them, and due to a simple wrong side up component on a supply line, it flooded out all three floors of their beautiful home. There are often signs indicating pending failure of certain plumbing fixtures. Listed below are a few examples.

Dripping Kitchen Faucet

There are hundreds of kinds of kitchen faucets, and they only last around 5-10 years nowadays. It can be a challenge to identify what kind of faucet you’re dealing with. In most cases, fixing a dripping faucet is no longer as simple as replacing a worn washer. HomeWise Plumbing are experts at identifying make, model, and required repair parts.

Running Toilet

A running toilet can easily add one thousand dollars or more to an annual water bill. It is also annoying when a toilet turns itself on and off throughout the night, disrupting sleep. A simple test to know if your toilet is running is to sprinkle a pinch of black pepper into the bowl, then observe whether the pepper moves around like it’s in a current. Other signs that attention is needed include a flush lever not returning to its starting position or needing to be pressed more than once.

Bath-tub Issues

Most people tend to ignore a dripping tub spout or shower head. If a leak is left too long, it can lead to a condition called “wire-drawing”:  The water creates a channel in the brass or plastic components of the faucet, leading to a larger repair bill than if the drip had been attended to early on.

Failure of the wall surround, ie. tile and grout, is another common problem. If you see missing grout, or the silicone seal breaking down, give us a call.

High Water Bill

A higher-than-normal water bill often means a break in the main water line, or it can be associated with a faulty plumbing fixture. The most common one is a running toilet, as described above. HomeWise Plumbing owns and operates a high-tech leak detecting device called a Genear – this tool has ultra-sensitive acoustic capabilities that amplify the sound of leaks deep underground.

Slow Drain

Rather than attempting to use corrosive chemicals to clean your drain, HomeWise advises that you call us so we can properly use an auger to clean out the blockage. Commercial drain cleaners marketed as quick fixes may seem like an easy option, but they can lead to longer term problems like corroded pipes, and they harm the environment.

Mildew Smell

If you notice a mildewy smell in your home, don’t ignore it. Often the cause is a leaky wax seal under your toilet, which leads to an expensive repair. A leak under your cupboard, in a wall or ceiling, can also cause a dank smell.

Hot Water Heater

Most people ignore their hot water heater until it starts causing problems. HomeWise recommends keeping track of the expiry on your hot water tank, and periodically looking at the tank for signs of rust which is indicative of a leak. Other signs to be aware of include over-heated water (ie. steaming), lack of hot water, or an obnoxious electronic burning smell. The over-heated water is a sign that the water heater is on its last legs and needs immediate replacement. An electronic burning smell is often associated with a burnt-out thermostat. The life expectancy of a water eater now is around 9 to 10 years; although HomeWise Plumbing offers lifetime warrantied water heaters as a preferred option.

Reduce Your Risk of Larger Plumbing Problems

Early detection and corrective action for the common plumbing issues described in this article can prevent property damage and costly repairs. HomeWise is available to solve these and other plumbing problems with courteous expert service, book an appointment today.